WRK Digital


Transformation and Programme Delivery

Complex Programme Delivery is in our make-up. We support organisations to bring Transformation, Change, Programme and Digital Leadership to their business. We relish the nature of project delivery, understand group wide interdependencies, people, change, comms, training, delivery and BAU… it’s fascinating and WRK digital excels in this field.

Our network of professionals and leaders are introduced to clients, delivering on all aspects of the transformation roadmap. 

Our founders have decades of experience supporting organisations through, CRM, ERP, Infrastructure and Digital transformation programmes. Katie and Will have worked on some of the largest ERP implementations globally.  They have worked on Pan-European technology transformation and modernisation programmes; delivering experts across Infrastructure, Cloud and Digitally enabled change projects. 

The end-to-end complexity of change is often solved by the quality of people you have working across the organisation, WRK digital seek to understand the tangible business outcomes of the transformation and support our clients to secure the best talent possible to satisfy this objective.