WRK Digital


D, E & I

Firstly, it’s important we tell you what Diversity, Equality & Inclusion means to WRK digital.

Principally it is the idea of “bringing your whole self to WRK”. We recognise the complexity surrounding this; however, WRK digital have created an environment where everyone feels; Valued, Motivated, Challenged and Comfortable to be themselves, their whole self.

Our founders passionately believe in creating a great culture! We truly believe our people are WRK digitals USP and we have focused on building an environment that supports in times of challenge, drives inclusive thinking and brings different perspectives to the table… constantly learning from and sharing with our communities.

How do we hold ourselves to account?

–  Anonomised Shortlisting for our internal hiring

–  Unconscious Bias Training – annual course

–  Non-gender / age Specific Language for internal comms and Adverts 

– Our Technology is configured to remove algorithm bias. 

Sustainability is key to WRK digital. We proactively work with our suppliers, investors, colleagues and contractors to ensure we are promoting sustainable business practices. 

4 key actions we encourage clients to take when wanting to achieve a diverse shortlist:

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