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At WRK digital we believe in building long-term relationships. This is what our communities say about us!

“I have known Katie and Will for many years now and they have supplied the very highest quality resources to three of my SAP S4 HANA implementations in that period.

Not only are they fantastic individuals, who have consistently over delivered on difficult recruitment assignments, but they also understand the genuine challenges associated with Multi-Year, Multi-Country, Multi-language delivery programmes. This deep knowledge of SAP enabled programmes accelerates the recruitment lifecycle, improves the quality of resource available and ensures higher levels of success.

I consistently use Katie and Will to support my programmes and I would openly recommend them to other programme sponsors, directors and leadership teams.”

Warren Poots
Global SAP Programme Director

“I have worked with James a few time over the years and he has always been incredibly helpful in providing support, However, at my latest role at STEM he has really impressed with the ability to find the team members we needed to create our team.

James understood our requirements, challenges and constraints we were working under and was able to provide quality candidates that showed an appreciation of our needs. From these candidates we have been able to quickly build a team.

I would recommend James to any company looking for a professional and efficient consultant to help them build or grow their team.”

Dave Gill
Technical Lead at STEM Learning

“Julia has been a pleasure to work with. She has provided two quality senior developers who have joined the team this year. Julia took the time to carefully screen the candidates she put in front of us, she took care in understanding the brief in detail, referring developers that matched our requirements.”

Paul Barrett
Head of Software Development at Advanced Supply Chain Group Ltd

“I really enjoyed working with Andy to find a new role. He was really person centred and did not come across as sales driven, which was important to me. It made me feel human in what can otherwise feel like a robotic and repetitive search where you hear and say the same thing over and over. He wanted to place me in a role that worked for me AND the prospective employer and was honest with me at all times. Andy was one of the few recruiters in my search over several months who got the simple things right, like calling when he said he would and actually listening to and acting on your criteria.

Andy showed that you can have compassion and be a successful recruiter with these strong values, I really trusted him and felt he had the best interests at heart of everyone in the process that he was trying to connect.”

Hayley Ladbury
Head of Transformational Change

“From the very beginning of my interactions with Gareth it became clear he was of a higher calibre compared to other recruiters I had been dealing with.

From the get-go the role Gareth approached me with was aligned with my profile and experience showing that he had actually taken the timer to read about my career path and throughout our interaction he would do exactly what he said and he was very good at keeping in touch.

Something which cannot be said for other recruiters I had been working with. I look forward to working with Gareth in the future as a hiring manager when the opportunity arises.”

Ross Haywood
Head of Cloud Engineering, Howdens

“I Had the pleasure to work with Will for more than a year on one of the biggest SAP implementation programmes there is. He was a great account manager who always kept on top of things in a professional and efficient manner his quick to act attitude always impressed me as well as his ability to deliver and manage difficult situations as he still managed to keep in tune with the Client perfectly. We miss you.”

Brunnella Tripi
Head of Recruitment, British American Tobacco