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We are always looking for people to join our business!

Are you wanting to take your first step into Recruitment? We would love to meet you and give you some insight into the type of WRK we are doing and what you can expect from a career with us.

Are you already working in the industry but not getting what you want from your role? We are on a hugely ambitious journey and need your help!

Our Benefits Package


We offer a 10% pension, unlimited holidays, private healthcare, a personal wellbeing budget and great kit… we want to make sure you have all the tools and support to be successful. 

We have a great workspace in the heart of Leeds and are proud of our office, but we will never tell you where you need to be. We enjoy spending time together and average 2 or 3 days per week in the office, but this is actually flexible!

“Be where you will be at your best that day”

We are one team and our benefits package reflect this… The Company Holiday is an annual trip and set for everyone in the business… the target is transparent, set at the start of the year (and doesn’t go up!). The Personal Holiday target is for you and one other to go away on us. We will cover the travel and hotel for 3 nights so you can have some proper time away – P.S. go where you want but we are thinking Iceland, Thailand, Dubai… it’s on us (go for it). The company holiday is more along the lines of a Safari, Skiing, Walking the Great Wall – something off the bucket list.

The personal wellbeing allowance is for you to spend on you. We don’t want to give you a gym membership and you take wellbeing from reading or having a spa treatment. We have an allowance that would cover this and want you to take advantage of it.

Another benefit is the “house deposit scheme” … this is a three-year incentive and it’s paid directly to you. £18k, £24k or £30k depending on the level you join us. If you want a house, car or a massive holiday, its well-deserved! To be honest, we didn’t know what to call this but hopefully it shows we are about the long term.