WRK Digital


Software Engineering 

& UX

Our Software Engineering & UX practice is trusted to build teams that create some of the most complex and demanding technology platforms in the web and mobile engineering space.
We love to focus on positive change, working with clients who champion inclusive, ethical and sustainable technology consumption. 
WRK digital understand the challenges of recruiting talent within the software engineering space, and our team have spent years developing their personal brands and investing in their networks, allowing us to bring active, passive and emerging talent to our clients. 
We are passionate about connecting the industries best developers, engineers and UX talent with the most exciting, interesting and complex opportunities. 
We have close to 15 years of experience working with organisations building human centred, digital products that transform peoples lives.
We believe the demand for exceptional talent is only going to become more competitive. This is why James, one of WRK digitals co-founders is solely focused on leading this area of the business. Building up his 15 years experience, James ensures we are building trust-based, authentic relationships with our candidate and client communities.