WRK Digital


Julia Pasquale

I’m Julia! A Leeds University graduate who loves travel, good food, and art & design!

I’m originally from Italy, but I left my hometown at 19 to follow my dream of living in the UK, having watched a lot of British TV shows – and I have to say it hasn’t disappointed me!

My background is in Modern Languages and film. I like questioning things, learning about different cultures, and anything to do with Psychology.

At university, I spent 2 semesters in Tokyo and Japan, getting to know the local culture then traveling across East Asia.

In 2022 I took a coding boot camp. The idea came to me when I realised that, by knowing how to code, we can create awesome digital experiences from scratch. My interest in tech grew with time and I thought I’d love to work with anything revolving around tech or coding.

My journey into recruitment wasn’t “traditional”, I’ve always had an idea in mind of wanting to work for a start-up, and I enjoy working with people, and understanding what drives our decisions; I wanted to help others progress in their careers and making choices that would improve their lives.

When I saw the ad for WRK digital it just resonated with me, and I haven’t looked back. Recruitment to me is an exciting job, it can be challenging sometimes, as it’s not linear, so it’s important to be around a good team. The rewards are something that makes it so worthwhile. The search is thrilling, and no two days are the same.