WRK Digital


Daniel Lunn

I’m Dan – a nature-loving, fitness enthusiast from Wakefield.

I spent most of my adult life serving in the Royal Marines. I loved this time in my life and was very fortunate to travel around the world doing things that not many people get to do, from jumping out of helicopters to counter-piracy/counter-narcotics operations in Africa and the Middle East.

In October 2021 I decided it was time for new challenges, so I left the service and decided to do some traveling of my own. I spent the best part of 18 months in Bali and Australia (tough life but someone has to do it). During this time, I was freelancing as a designer and an online mindset coach.

I enjoyed the freedom of that lifestyle, but I wanted to embark on a new career for the long term and that’s when I moved back to the UK and started in recruitment.

I specialise in the Software Engineering & UX design space, my experience as a designer gives me a unique insight into both client and candidate needs.

Recruitment is the perfect career for me, I love the balance of structure and autonomy, combined with the opportunity to help people. I also enjoy the challenges and diversity that the role brings. I genuinely couldn’t have landed a better place to kickstart the next chapter of my life than WRK digital.

Outside of work, I’m a huge advocate for health & wellness and I enjoy hiking, CrossFit, and playing the piano. Oh, and pizza.