WRK Digital


Andy Roberts

I’m Andy, Father of 2 boys, husband to an amazing wife, and a lover of mountains, live fire cooking (think BBQ and Pizza ovens), board sports, and breathing life back into period properties in and around the Harrogate area.

I have spent the last 20 years delivering transformative technical change, led complex and multi-disciplined teams, and worked alongside some truly amazing technologists and leaders within a consultancy setting and industry.

Throughout my career, I have met A LOT of recruiters both as a candidate and as a hiring manager. A handful of these really resonated with me in terms of approach, cultural values, and passion. So much so, when approached by the WRK Digital team it wasn’t a difficult decision to make, and since then never had the Sunday night blues! 

My approach is to bring a completely different perspective to candidates, clients & hiring managers having throughout my career been in all of those positions, building long-lasting and sustainable relationships through events and meetups and genuinely making a positive impact on people’s careers and organisational growth. 

I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for WRK digital. I really think we might have got the secret sauce to build a long-lasting, successful, and amazing place to work!